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Recent Presentations and Publications


2003-2002 Presentations

  • "HIPAA Security in Plain English" and "How to Conduct a Security Audit", December, 2003, presentations at the Third Annual HIPAA in Plain English Conference, sponsored by United Communications Group/Decision Health, Las Vegas, NV.

  • "Security for Healthcare," October, 2003, presentation at the Privacy and Data Security Academy and Expo of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Chicago , IL .

  • "How to Comply with the HIPAA Final Security Rule," October, 2003, presentation at the Florida Medical Compliance Summit, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

  • "Training the Workforce for HIPAA Privacy/Security Compliance," October, 2003, presentation at the Barnett International HIPAA Compliance Conference in Clinical Research, Philadelphia , PA.

  • "Implementing and Enforcing the HIPAA Security Rule" and "HIPAA Security: Advanced Compliance and Implementation Strategies", September, 2003, presentations and Co-Chair of the The Seventh National HIPAA Summit, Baltimore, MD.

  • "HIPAA Security: Past, Present, and Future" and "HIPAA Security: Best Practices," June, 2003, presentation and panel discussion for North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance (NCHICA) and North Carolina HFMA Conference on Healthcare Information Security, Greensboro, NC.

  • "HIPAA Privacy and Security and Clinical Research," June, 2003, Barnett International Conference on Understanding the Impact of HIPAA on Clinical Research, Philadelphia, PA.

  • "How to Comply with the Final Security Rule", June, 2003, United Communications Group Seventh Annual Compliance Strategies Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

  • "HIPAA Security: The Road to Compliance," June, 2003, Market Access Conference on "Healthcare Security and Privacy: Complying with HIPAA", Arlington, VA.

  • "HIPAA: Past, Present and Future," May, 2003, MGMA Annual Executive Conference, Miami, FL.

  • "HIPAA: Past, Present, and Future," April, 2003Missouri Health Information Management Association Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO.

  • "Where Should You Be in HIPAA Security Compliance and How to Get There," HIPAA Summit sponsored Webcast/Audio Conference: " April 14, 2003 -A Watershed Date in HIPAA Privacy Compliance", April, 2003.

  • "The Final HIPAA Security Rule: The Next Steps for Your Organization," Health Resources Publications Webcast/Audio Conference, April 10, 2003.

  • "Security: HIPAA Final Rule," AFEHCT Annual Washington Policy Forum, April 9, 2003, Washington, D.C.

  • The "HIPAA Final Security Rule," April, 2003, United Communications Group Webcast/Audio Conference.

  • "Implementing the HIPAA Security Rule," and "Advanced Security Problem-Solving Workshop," March, 2003, The Sixth HIPAA National Summit, Washington, D.C.

  • "HIPAA Security Training-Protect Your Patient Information: Protective Security for Computers, E-Mail and More, "March, 2003, United Communications Webcast/Audio Conference.

  • "HIPAA Security Training: Protecting Patient Information," March, 2003, Decision Health Emergency Conference for HIPAA Training Solutions, Chicago, IL.

  • "The Final Security Rule's Impact on Banking," March, 2003, Medical Banking Project Telebriefing.

  • "Analysis of the Final HIPAA Security Rule," February, 2003, HIPAA Summit Webcast/Audio Conference.

  • "The Path to HIPAA Compliance-Lessons Learned," February, 2003, HIMSS 2003 Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

  • "Implementing HIPAA Security and Complying with the HIPAA Privacy/Security Workforce Training Requirement," February, 2003, The Sixth Annual National Healthcare Compliance Congress, Washington, D.C.

  • "HIPAA's Security Regulations," January, 2003, Legal Tech Annual Conference, New York, NY.

  • "Protect Patient Privacy: Get a Head Start on the Security Regulations," United Communications Group and Medical Society of New York State-sponsored conferences, January 17, 10, 6, 2003, and November 14 and 15 2002; Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Manhattan, and Melville, New York.

  • "Systems Compliance: Don't Leave It to Your Vendor," and "HIPAA's Security Regulations: You May Think You're Ready But . . .," December, 2002, Home Health Agency HIPAA Conference, St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

  • "HIPAA Overview, Impact, and Implementation," December, 2002, State of South Carolina Agencies, Columbia, SC.

  • "Getting Ready for HIPAA Security and Future HIPAA," November, 2002, St. Louis HIMSS Conference, St. Louis, MO.

  • "HIPAA Security Training" and "HIPAA's Security Regulations," October, 2002, The Fifth HIPAA National Summit, Baltimore, MD.

  • "Security Standards: What the HIPAA Security Rule Means for Your Organization's Security and Privacy," October, 2002, International Association of Privacy Officers, Chicago, IL.

  • "HIPAA Privacy for Large Hospital Systems," September, 2002, Missouri SNIP Annual Conference, Lake of the Ozarks, MO.

  • "HIPAA Security," August, 2002, HIPAA Summit Audio Conference on the Final Privacy Rule.

  • "HIPAA Overview, Impact and Implementation" and "HIPAA Security: Vendor Readiness Questions," August, 2002, Nashville Technology Council/International Systems Security Association's Information Security Conference, Nashville, TN.

  • "Introduction and Overview-The HIPAA Security Rule," August, 2002, co-chair, presenter and panel leader; HIPAA Colloquium at Harvard. University, Cambridge, MA.

  • "HIPAA Update," August, 2002, E-Security Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • Opening and closing presentations: "Solutions to the Security Regulation Challenge" and "Get Ready for the Next Round of HIPAA Regulations," respectively. July, 2002, HIPAA in Plain English Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

  • "HIPAA Mock Trial," June, 2002, HIMSS Summer Conference, Las Vegas NV.

  • "HIPAA Security," "Administering HIPAA: A Federal Perspective," and "HIPAA Security Rule, GLB, FTC Security Rule, FIPS-197, eSign Law, Antiterrorism and Current Developments in PKI.", April, 2002, The Fourth National HIPAA Summit, Washington, D.C.

  • "HIPAA Panel of Experts on HIPAA Implementation" and "HIPAA Security Rule, GLB, FTC Security Rule, FIPS-197, eSign Law, Antiterrorism and Current Developments in PKI.", March, 2002, HIPAA Summit West II, San Francisco, CA.

  • "HIPAA Compliance", February, 2002, Florida Council for Community Health, Orlando FL.

  • "Organizational Impact of HIPAA," and "Mock Trial: HIPAA Security" January, 2002, HIMSS 2002 Annual Conference and Exhibition, New Orleans, LA.

2001-1996 Presentations

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Upcoming Events

  • October 10-12, 2012
    Sixth National HIPAA Summit West Co-Chair and Plenary Session Presenter on “Emerging Healthcare IT Security Issues”, San Francisco, CA
  • February 19-21, 2013
    The Twenty First National HIPAA Summit Co-Chair and Plenary Session Presenter on “Emerging Healthcare IT Security Issues”, Washington, DC
  • May 5-8, 2013
    The Eighth Academic Medical Center Conference on Security and Privacy:  “New Challenges:  from Concept to Operations” Compliance/Governance Track Co-Chair and Plenary Presenter on “Late Breaking Issues in Compliance and Governance for AMCs”, Chapel Hill, NC